Fair Trade Products

Listed below are all of the fair trade products that we currently carry at Come Up Higher. If you would like to make a purchase, please follow these instructions:

  1. Call in your order at: 330-258-8180


  1. Email us your order at: comeuphigherchristianbookstore@gmail.com. Please include a contact phone number in the email so that we may contact you for payment processing. Do not include your credit card information in the email, as we do not process any payments through email.

The Jicaro Project

Jicaro Project (Click For More Information)

Fair Trade Collection

Handcrafted by Artisans All Over the World: Your Purchase Matters!

Gold Bracelet: 45438
Made in India: $24.00

*out of stock* Turquoise Bracelet Set: 45164
Made in Bali

Stone Bracelet: 45466
Made in India: $24.00

Flower Bracelet w/Leather Band: 45096
Made in Thailand: $10.00  

Abalone Shell w/Blk. Stretch Band: 45139
Made in Bali: $14.00

White Shell w/Blk. Stretch Band: 45141
Made in Bali: $14.00

Tan Beaded Stretch Bracelet: 45147
Made in Bali: $15.00

Colorful Beads and Gold: 75722
Made in India: $22.00

Blue Beaded Stretch Bracelet: 45151
Made in Bali: $15.00

Fish Bracelet Black and White Beaded: 45256
Made in Guatemala: $22.00

Fish Earrings: 47899
Made in Guatemala: $14.00

Fish Necklace: 50419
Made in Guatemala: $28.00

Faith Jewelry Set:
Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet
Made in Guatemala: $64.00

Black/Green/Brown Beaded: 49975
Made in Bali: $15.00

Green/Blue Beaded Necklace: 49980
Made in Bali: $15.00

Green Knit Scarf: 64206G
Made in Thailand: $28.00

Brown and White Knit Scarf: 64207
Made in Thailand: $26.00

*out of stock* Stone Rings: 51575
Stone Colors Available: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Tan
Made in Peru: $16.00 ea.

Bright Green Silk Scarf: 64222
Made in Thailand $36.00

Cloth Purse, Green: 57128
Made in Thailand: $16.00

Cloth Purse, Black: 57113
Made in Thailand: $16.00

Assorted Bracelets Made by Freed Sex Slaves in Nepal
Colors available include: Blue, Turquoise, Green, Purple, Pink, Light Pink, Tan, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and more…
*Please make color request known upon ordering*
They go great as sets!
Price: $8.00 each

Cloth Purse, Red: 57101
Made in Thailand: $16.00


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